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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Volunteer Showcases

I thought that with the recent Volunteer Showcase video completed, I'd post all of the ones we have done so far in case you've missed any.
The Volunteer Showcase is a video documentary series I thought would be cool to start in Georgia back in September. Each month we focus on a different volunteer, working on different projects, all in different parts of the country. I was able to film four volunteers, and my buddy Sean made an additional video as well. I hope this will be a popular project and will continue throughout Peace Corps Georgia long after the G9's (my group) leaves.

Here ya go!

Ben Bamberger - Business Volunteer

Paula Schmid - Education Volunteer

Ruta Casabianca - Business Volunteer (Thanks Sean!)

Lauren McDowell - Education Volunteer

Tom Gagnon - Education Volunteer

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What was that? You want to help fund my project? Why thank you!

With close to only 4 months left of service (Huzzah!), I'm finally able to start tying together the loose ends of all my projects. However, there is one more project I'm looking to implement before I set sail back to the US of A.

I'm looking to help renovate a classroom for students and teachers to give them a better environment where they can continue improving their English and learn integral computer skills. As of now, this is what they have to walk into every day for their lessons.

So, if you would like to help out these kids and receive a "virtual" highfive from me and feel REEEAALLLYYY good about yourself, please visit: I want to donate now!!!

Seriously though, even 5 - 10 dollars would be absolutely wonderful. All donations are tax deductible and know that every dollar and every penny will go straight to this project. With whatever your donation, you're helping tomorrow's youth grow up with a better education and providing a place for them where they can gain the skills and know-how to better their lives and the ones around them.

Thank you again.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Happy 50th Birthday Peace Corps!

March has been the month dedicated to start celebrating the 50th anniversary of Peace Corps. In addition to tons of activities and projects we are planning here in Georgia, a few have us have come together to create a Anniversary webpage for Peace Corps and Georgia. Here, you can find photos, videos, Georgian cooking recipes, stories, current and on-going volunteer projects, etc. - all which make our post special and unique experience. Please take some time and look around, and show some support by clicking "Like" so that all your Facebook friends can check it out. Also feel free to share with friends and family. Thanks!

Be sure to drop in our webpage again within the coming months, because new topics and media will be added weekly!