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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Volunteer Showcases

I thought that with the recent Volunteer Showcase video completed, I'd post all of the ones we have done so far in case you've missed any.
The Volunteer Showcase is a video documentary series I thought would be cool to start in Georgia back in September. Each month we focus on a different volunteer, working on different projects, all in different parts of the country. I was able to film four volunteers, and my buddy Sean made an additional video as well. I hope this will be a popular project and will continue throughout Peace Corps Georgia long after the G9's (my group) leaves.

Here ya go!

Ben Bamberger - Business Volunteer

Paula Schmid - Education Volunteer

Ruta Casabianca - Business Volunteer (Thanks Sean!)

Lauren McDowell - Education Volunteer

Tom Gagnon - Education Volunteer


Dave Harrison said...

Hey Johnny, my name is David Harrison and I'm a PCV in Uganda. After I COS I'll be heading to Georgia with Peace Corps Responce to work at a hotel school in Batumi. I'm really interested in the winery you are working with and was wonding if I could email you a few questions? My address is david_harrison@juno.com. Hope all is well.

Jon Craker said...

Hej Johnny, I'm also interested in your work in the PC. I'm an American living in Sweden and studying my Masters Degree here in Agricultural Business. I'd like to write a paper this summer concerning rural livelihood's of small scale grape growers in Georgia! I'm planning on visiting Georgia in August and would like to meet up with you if you are available. Or, at least ask if you have some recommendations on which regions, or grape growers to contact. (I do have a Georgian friend who can help me communicate, but she is available for only for a few days). Could you please contact me via email: jocr0001@stud.slu.se

We can chat more in this manner.

me said...

Hi Johnny,
My name is Emily, I am former PCV-Senegal volunteer.

I know you're no longer in country, but am hoping you can put me in touch with a current Georgia volunteer.

I work with, World Computer Exchange, a non-profit that ships refurbished computers to developing countries. We are looking to partner with a current PCV in Georgia. I came across your blog while searching for people.

Do you know anyone who might be interested in pursuing a computer shipment to Georgia with us? I did it as a volunteer and it was very rewarding. It requires some fundraising by the PCV, but is a very cost-effective method for supplying Georgian schoolchildren with computers. Any contacts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!